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About Us

British designer Allison Crank has created a virtual reality shopping centre that allows users to commission bespoke objects within a world of floating neon signs and stray zoo animals  (+ movie).
British designer Allison Crank 

Our Story

Casey’s Castle is on a mission to develop more intense, more interactive and more immersive virtual reality experiences. We are building a virtual, financial, retail, entertainment and amusement center. We also help businesses build custom virtual experiences.

We are driven by values –

“The metaverse and AR are revolutionizing the concept of how we communicate, live, work, and play around the world. It is the evolution of the social experiment, one that merges our physical and digital identities.”

How enterprises gather and use personal information like biometrics will be key to using VR and metaverse technologies ethically.

GameChange: Improving lives through VR therapy 

Super Efficient

Deeply Committed

Highly Skilled





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